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1 hour down 7 to go

I hate 8 hour work days...
I've been here for an hour, and I'm bored. I'm kinda hungry but I know I'll be more hungry later so I'm saving the food I brought. It's survival baby. rocks my working class world. I spent about a half hour watching music videos, and now I'm listening to their alt raido station. Best part is it's NOT playing anything with a vocal cameo by Beyonce, nothing having to do with fricken Gwen Stefani or any of her absolute crap music. It's playing Green Day and My Chemical Romance which is pretty much what my iPod would be playing if I had it plugged in. Yesterday I exhausted my new Alternative Press, I read it cover to cover. So today I brought the month old Weezer issue. I figure I probably missed something interesting. I'm going to play some solitaire and eat some mini wheats with soy milk, then Jess is going to get here to keep me company and be todays runner. That's the sweetest shift. I was the runner yesterday. You work 11 to 7:30 and get to run errands. Which means to get to leave the desk, you don't have to work much, and you can sleep in somewhat. BLAH. This shift sucks Donkey! I give up I'm hungry. Time for some breakfast nibblins. Oooh now Launch is playing Weezer!
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