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I look way older

So I cut bangs a couple nights ago when I was bored. I look way older now. Neat. I'm still trying to get used to having hair in my face. Meh.
I have class in an hour. I don't want to have math class. Meh.
I went hiking with Jeremy and Moses yesterday. Whoa was I tired. Jeremy and I have decided to start calling out liars. When we know someone's lying to us we're gonna start calling them out. We're sick of liars. Basically we figure they're lying to try and impress us, but they are already our friends so they don't need to and it just pisses us off.
I should be getting new clothes in the mail today. That would make me very happy. My old jeans aren't fit for public wear anymore.
Off to find my calculator and then to class for a fun filled day of learning.
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